Numarul modelului EMAX42I

Masina e tuns iarba 1800W 42cm, cu sistem Compact and Go

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Caracteristici si beneficii

  • Low fatigue bale bar allows you to grip anywhere around the handle[ro]
  • Integrated carry handle makes it even easier to lift & move around the home[ro]
  • Low profile design allows for improved access under shrubs & furniture[ro]
  • EdgeMax: closest edge cutting[ro]
  • Compact&Go: Collects 30% more grass for less time spent emptying…..small box convenience, big box capacity[ro]
  • Bag Full Window: Know when the grass box is full…..know when to compact[ro]
  • Height Adjust: Soft Touch’ technology adjusts the height of cut with a single movement[ro]
  • Intelli-Cable Management: Thinks about the cable, so you don’t have to[ro]
  • Handles quickly fold down to reduce the footprint for easier, more compact storage[ro]
  • E-Drive: High Torque, High Performance cutting system – stall free cutting of tall & damp grass[ro]
Black and Decker - Masina e tuns iarba 1800W 42cm cu sistem Compact and Go - EMAX42I

Specificatiile produsului

Tipul de produs Masina de tuns iarba
Sursa putere Cu fir
Marimea gradinii Mediu
Putere 1800 W
Latime de taiere 42 cm
Capacitate cutie iarba 50 L
Mecanism de taiere Masina de frezat, cu lama din metal
Reglarea inaltimii de taiere Maner telescopic, usor de manipulat
Cote de taiere 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 mm
Numarul de trepte de setare a intaltimii de taiere 6
Compact&Go Da
Indicator de umplere a sacului Da
Tip cutie iarba Rigid
Intelli-Cable Manager Da
Maner de transport Da
Depozitare cablu Da
Inlocuirea totala a foliei Da
Maner cauciucat Nu
Maner cu inaltime ajustabila Da
Intensitate acustica 96 dB(A)
Vibratii 3.2 m/s2

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