Numarul modelului ORB48RDN

ro 4.8V Orb-It Cherry Red

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Caracteristici si beneficii

  • Translucent and easy open door, see the dirt and know when to empty the bowl[ro]
  • The Orb-It™ from Black & Decker effortlessly combines performance and style[ro]
  • Charges and displays on a small stand, always to hand and ready for use[ro]
  • Ultra compact and light weight design, ideal for quick pick ups arond the home or office[ro]
  • 180ml Bowl capacity - optimal for light dust and crumb busting tasks[ro]
  • Blue LED charging status indicator[ro]
  • Pull the handle out and the nozzle flips open to transform the Orb-it™ into a vacuum[ro]
  • Innovative design blends into the home environment, decoratively stores on kitchen worktops, office desks, side tables and more[ro]
Black and Decker - ro 48V OrbIt Cherry Red - ORB48RDN

Specificatiile produsului

Debit de aer ro TBC l/min
Tensiune 4.8 V
Putere aspirare (watt aer) 8.0 W
Putere de absorbtie 374mm/H2O mm/apa
Capacitate de colectare praf 180 ml
Autonomie 8.0 min
Formatare acumulator 20 ore
Filtru evacuare ro Yes
Accesorii incluse ro Accessory Caddy with crevice tool and soft brush
Culoare ro Electric Blue
Stil maner ro Flip
Stil baza ro 360 Degree Charging Base
  • Crumb Busting[ro]
  • Dust Busting[ro]
  • Intricate Cleaning of Awkward Areas & Tight Spaces[ro]
  • 360 degree Charging Base[ro]

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