Numarul modelului FEJ520JF

ro 36Wh Hand Vac + Floor Extension

The 2-in-1 BLACK+DECKER lithium-ion cordless vacuum cleaner with smart tech sensor technology, makes light work of floor and surface cleaning around the home. The smart tech Filter Sensor detects when the filter becomes clogged and needs to be cleaned, helping you to maintain cleaning performance. The intelligent Floor Sensor increases suction on deep pile carpets and switches to Eco mode for lighter tasks, to extend the battery runtime. The smart tech Battery Sensor displays the remaining battery charge, so you’re not caught short of power whilst cleaning. The lightweight, removable handheld vacuum with soft brush accessory is ideal for cleaning any surface, from dust and pet hair, to cereal spillages and crumbs.

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Caracteristici si beneficii

  • Slim nozzle design on hand vacuum provides greater accessibility and extra convenience[ro]
  • 36Wh of Lithium battery power is ideal for weekly cleaning around the home[ro]
  • Cyclonic action spins dust and debris away from the filter so suction power remains strong[ro]
  • Use as a floor and hand vacuum to clean any surface in your home.[ro]
  • Triple action filtration provides great long lasting performance[ro]
  • Lightweight cordless technology provides 'grab & go' convenience. Now up to 15% lighter than the previous NIMH dustbuster[ro]
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable use[ro]
  • Removable, washable dirt bowl and filters allow for a thorough, hygienic clean[ro]
  • Smart Tech: Filter Sensor - Smart Sensor technology automatically sense when the filter becomes clogged and needs to be cleaned[ro]
  • Smart Tech: Battery Sensor - LED battery indicator displays the remaining charge and warns you when battery becomes low[ro]
  • Smart Charge Technology - Charges the battery within 5 hours[ro]
  • Translucent, bagless dirt bowl makes it easy to see the dirt and empty[ro]
  • Wide mouth design means this vac can effortlessly scoop up large debris[ro]
  • Smart Tech: Floor Sensor - Intelligent Floor Sensor technology increases suction on deep pile carpets and switches to eco mode for lighter tasks, optimising battery time[ro]
  • Intelligent Boost mode allows the suction power to be increased for thorough debris pick-up[ro]
  • Scent - compatible with the scented pre filter. Freshen up your home with the cotton fresh scent that is dispersed from the vaccum whilst cleaning[ro]
Black and Decker - ro 36Wh Hand Vac  Floor Extension - FEJ520JF

Specificatiile produsului

Tipul de produs Aspirator
Sursa putere Cu acumulator
Autonomie 10-16 min
Puterea de aspirare 25 Air Watts
Putere de absorbtie - aspirator electric portabil 729 mm/apa
Tip acumulator Li-Ion
Energia totala a acumulatorului (W/h) 36 Wh
Putere 18 V
Capacitate acumulator 2.0 Ah
Aspirator de mana 2 in 1, cu axtensie pentru podele Da
Debit de aer - pe unitate 926 l/min
Debit de aer - aspirator electric portabil 1081 l/min
Indicator de incarcare Da
Accesorii incluse Da
Capacitate de colectare praf 500 ml
Autoportante Nu
Durata de incarcare 5 ore
Lungime cablu / m
  • Push-in Brush[ro]
  • Jack Plug Charger[ro]
  • Onboard crevice tool[ro]

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