Numarul modelului KA280LK


The Autoselect® Multi-Sander is a truly versatile tool. Using the Autoselect® dial and interchangeable base, you can easily switch between sanding modes for any project. Sand intricate areas in Detail Sander mode, and get into the tightest spots with the finger attachment. Switch to orbital sanding mode for a swirl-free finish on larger areas, and finishing mode to smooth and remove paint from skirting boards, shelves and more. Comes with 21 sanding accessories and a handy kitbox.

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Caracteristici si beneficii

  • Louvre door attachment allows you to sand in confined areas such as shutter slats[ro]
  • Kit box for easy storage of tools and accessories[ro]
  • Tool free base makes changing between orbital and random orbital sanding bases quick and easy[ro]
  • Rear handle allows two handed sanding for extra control[ro]
  • Soft grip and good ergonomics provide comfortable use[ro]
  • Contour sanding feature allows for sanding of intricate profiles[ro]
  • Hook and loop paper attachment for quicker change between sheets[ro]
  • 220W powerful motor for fast and efficient stock removal[ro]
  • Autoselect® dial ensures the user has the correct speed with the correct base ensuring optimum performance[ro]
  • Orbital, detail and random orbital sanding action maximises the application range[ro]
  • 3 m of cable for more convenience[ro]
  • Cyclonic dust canister maximises dust collection efficiency and faster task completion[ro]
Black and Decker - ro MULTISANDER - KA280LK

Specificatiile produsului

Tipul de produs Slefuitor multifunctional
Putere 220.0 W
Mufa de tennsiune 230
Turatie Variabil
Turatie in gol 8500 & 13000 rpm
Dimensiune hartie ro-Various mm
Sistem de fixare hartie abraziva Potrivire usoara
Diametru orbita 2 mm
Baza ascutita - dimensiune taler 100x165 mm
Baza rotunda - diametrul bazei 125 mm
Excentricitate 1.0 mm
Dimensiune disc 125 mm
Extragere praf [slefuitoare] Bol aspirator
Frana Da
Lungime cablu 3 m
Baza ascutita - actiune orbitala Nu
Baza ascutita - actiune detaliata Da
Baza rotunda - actiune orbitala cu excentric Da
Baza ingusta Da
Schimbare baza Fara scule
Vibratii 7.8 m/s2
Intensitate sonora 78.5 dB(A)
Intensitate acustica 89.5 dB(A)
  • Excellent for preparing surfaces to be varnished with the random orbit function[ro]
  • Preparing wooden surfaces for paint and varnish[ro]
  • Glass cleaning[ro]
  • Can be used for polishing applications[ro]
  • Metal polishing[ro]
  • Detail sanding[ro]
  • Rust removal[ro]
  • Preparation of louvre doors and shutters[ro]
  • Plastic polishing and cleaning[ro]
  • Sanding doors and windows[ro]
  • 3 x contour profiles[ro]
  • Kit Box[ro]
  • 3 x iron base sanding sheets with 6 spare tips (60G, 120G, 240G)[ro]
  • 2 x louvre door sanding sheets (60G, 120G)[ro]
  • Louvre door attachment[ro]
  • 3 x round base sanding sheets (60G, 120G, 240G)[ro]
  • 2 x detail sanding sheets (120G)[ro]
  • Iron Shaped Orbital Base[ro]
  • 125mm Random Orbit Base[ro]
  • Cleaning sheet (red) for wood / metal[ro]
  • High gloss finish sheet (grey)[ro]
  • Profile / contour carrier[ro]
  • Detail Finger Sanding Attachment[ro]
  • 4 x contour sanding sheets (120G)[ro]

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